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PNW Driving Academy is a Driver Education School in Tualatin Oregon. We are committed to helping students learn the skills that will keep them safe throughout their life-time. Find out if an ODOT-Approved Driver Education Program is right for you or your teen. Please explore our website and check out the FAQ section.

 DMV Certified


Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Oregon State Certified Driving Instructors

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"I highly recommend PNW Driving Academy for your teen driver educational
needs. They adhered to strict driving principles which carried over to
teaching my teen strong driving skills, while delivering the instruction
through kind, calm direction. PNW Driving Academy went above and beyond to
make sure my son was successful not only with his hands-on driving but also
with the classroom book work.  It is evident that they take pride in the
program and service they provide, coupled with caring about their clients.
- Crystal W." 

My son completed the course in July 2021 and, to my surprise, was sad to see it end! He said the learning was fast-paced, collaborative, and actually fun. He made friends and enjoyed every minute of it.
The owners of PNW Driving Academy, Xxirra and Ryan, are professional and responsive, and the coursework is well planned and engaging. One great perk: All my son has to do to get his license is show up at the DMV on his birthday — no written test, no driving test required. I highly recommend this school.
- Sarah M.