Can my teen register for a class without a permit?

In order to be eligible for the ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Program a teen is required to have a valid permit.

Does your ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Program waive the DMV drive test?

Yes. If the student completes the program they will receive a certificate of completion, which is what they need to show the DMV to have the drive test waived. The 6th drive in our program is the exam.

If my teen passes the ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Program will they need to take a knowledge test at the DMV?

No. HB 2137 eliminates the requirement for driver license applicants under the age of 18 to take and pass the Safe Driving Practices knowledge test. This provision is operative on June 5, 2021 and applies to driver licenses issued on or after the operative date.

What happens if my teen turns 18 before completing the course?

They will no longer be eligible to receive the certificate of completion from ODOT, which is needed to waive the DMV drive test.
They would no longer be eligible for the $210 ODOT subsidy; therefore, you will charged an additional $210.

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking for the in-car lessons?

Currently: (Subject to change) 1) The car will be sanitized before every drive and when the students switch places.
2) The instructor, student driver, and observing student will wear a mask. 3) The instructor and both students will use hand sanitizer.
4) The windows can be lowered. 5) The recirculation will not be turned on. Two students per drive: 1-hour driving & 1-hour observing)

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking for the classroom sessions?

Currently: (Subject to change) 1) Masks are once again required regardless of vaccination status. 2) The door handles, restrooms, classroom, any surface that people would touch will be sanitized before and after classroom sessions. 3) Sanitizer is located at every desk for the students to us and at the front desk and restroom. 4) The recirculation will not be turned on. 5) Students should not touch the front door and should allow us time to prop it open before entering and exiting the school. If the door is closed, do not enter the school. Please wait until we have propped the door open.

Do you have an instructor brake pedal in your car?

What curriculum do you use for teens?

We use the ODOT-Approved Oregon Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum Playbook.

Can PNW Driving Academy adminster my road test instead of the DMV?

There is a roadtest during our ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Course that, upon passing, allows the DMV to waive your road test. For any teens not enrolled in our teen course or any adults: We are not a third-party tester, which is what you will need. We can not conduct a road test for you. Go to this link to find a third-party tester near you ----> Oregon Department of Transportation : Schedule a Drive Test : Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services : State of Oregon