Can my teen register for a class without a permit?

In order to be eligible for the ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Program a teen is required to have a valid permit.
You can register without a permit AS LONG AS it is obtained before the orientation and you provide us with a copy.
If we do not receive the copy of their valid permit by the orientation, your teen will be dismissed from the program and a waitlisted student will take their spot.

Does your ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Program waive the DMV drive test?

Yes. If the student completes the program they will receive a certificate of completion, which is what they need to show the DMV to have the drive test waived. The 6th drive in our program is the exam.

If my teen passes the ODOT-Approved Teen Driver Education Program will they need to take a knowledge test at the DMV?

Yes. Our course waives the drive test, not the knowledge test. You will still need to make an appointment with the DMV for the knowledge test.
If your teen gets their license early they will no longer be eligible for the ODOT Reimbursement Subsidy of $210 and you will be charged the extra $210.

What happens if my teen turns 18 before completing the course?

They will no longer be eligible to receive the certificate of completion from ODOT, which is needed to waive the DMV drive test.
They would no longer be eligible for the $210 ODOT Subsidy; therefore, an additional $210 will be charged.

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking for the in-car lessons?

1) The car will be sanitized before every drive.
2) Temperature checks are required.
3) The instructor will wear a mask and gloves.
4) The student driver will wear a mask.
5) The observing student will wear a mask. 6) The instructor will sanitize when the students switch places. 7) Both students will use hand sanitizer. 8) The recirculation will not be turned on. 9) The windows can be lowered. (Two students per drive: 1-hour driving & 1-hour observing) We can no longer use the plexiglass divider because it keeps breaking due the difference in seat adjustments.

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking for the classroom sessions?

Our classes are normally 24-26 students; however we have split them into smaller groups. Depending on which class you choose there may be 12 or 14 students. Starting with the April 25th class, classes 2-10 will be in-person. It is always possible that we may have to switch back to zoom classes. Should that change during your course we will update you asap. During the pandemic the first class/orientation will always be on Zoom because the number would be too large to safely gather. Masks and temperature checks are required.

Do you have an instructor brake pedal in your car?

What curriculum do you use for teens?

We use the ODOT-Approved Oregon Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum Playbook.

Will your windows be partially opened during the drive lessons?

Normally, no. During Covid times, yes. Also, the recirculation button will not be used. Fresh air only.