We are not currently scheduling any private drives; we will update when this changes. 


  • Must be scheduled around our teen classes and any other appointments we already have scheduled. 

  • Available M-F 10:00 am - 3:00 pm only (We are a small 2-instructor/1-car school and have limited availability.)

  • You must have 5 hours of driving experience BEFORE your first drive with us. 

  • You must have a valid (non-expired) permit or driver's license.

  • We only schedule drives 1 hour at a time, so you can practice in between lessons. You must have access to a vehicle to practice between drive lessons.

  • Some schools do private drive lessons without the above-mentioned requirements. If our price or requirements do not fit your needs we kindly suggest that you reach out to other schools. Several schools offer private drives with varying prices and flexibility.

  • Private drive lessons begin at our school and we do not offer pick-ups. Some other schools do offer to pick up students.

  • Private drive lessons are taught in English. You must have reached intermediate proficiency in spoken English to purchase any lessons. There are some schools with instructors who speak various languages. Please reach out to other schools to find what you need. 


1 hour is $100. Any package with more than 1 hour is $90/hour.

  • 1 Hour

  • 2 Hours

  • 3 Hours

  • 4 Hours 

  • 5 Hours






Any students that have completed the ODOT-Approved Driver Education Program will receive additional drives at a discounted rate of $70/hour.

If you are interested in our private drive lessons:

  • Email us at contact@pnwdriving.com

  • Call us at (503) 719-0909

  • Payments will be taken in-person via debit or credit card only.